Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat controller for Terrariums

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Quick Overview

  • Used in conjunction with Zoo Med heating or cooling devices
  • Control range between 50 F - 122 F. Suitable for 600 watts of heating and 150 watts of cooling
  • Program and store desired temperature information
  • Alarm feature sounds when temperature falls out of desired range
  • Large LCD displays real time information. Celsius and Fahrenheit capability

ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat

The Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat can be used in conjunction with a wide assortment of other Zoo Med heaters and cooling fans. When connected with a heating (used in HEAT mode) or cooling device (used in COOL mode), the thermostat is able to accurately and independently regulate the temperature within the terrarium to one degree Fahrenheit. With separate heating and cooling modes, keepers are able to quickly and easily increase or decrease the temperature from one place and the large LCD screen provides real time information in response. The unit has a temperature control range between 50 F to 122 F and can control up to 600 watts of heating devices and 150 watts of cooling devices, offering the freedom for tank owners to choose what heaters and/or cooling fans are appropriate for their terrarium.

The Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat can be programmed with the optimal temperature for your habitat and will automatically store the information and turn on and off these temperature devices based on the level that was set. The unit also features an alarm that will sound the moment the temperature falls out of the range that you have previous set, both high or low, which gives keepers a piece of mind in case breakdowns or accidental disconnects. Features a remote sensor with six feet of cable length to stay inside the tank to monitor temperature as well as adhesives to stick the unit to the side of the tank or anywhere that is most convenient.


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