Zoo Med ReptiSoil - 10 qt/11L Bag - Special Blend of Peat Moss, Soil, Sand & Carbon

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The Zoo Med 10 qt ReptiSoil encourages burrowing, egg-laying and plant growth. This soil features a mixture of Peat Moss, soil, sand and carbon which improves aeration and drainage, where carnivorous plants, ferns bromeliads, miniature orchids and succulents strive in. Generate a successful base to your terrarium where all aspects of life can benefit for tropical setups.

  • Create tropical set-ups in Naturalistic Terrariums and Paludariums.
  • Burrowing and egg-laying substrate allows for natural behaviors.
  • Plant Growing soil for live plants such as: Ferns, Bromeliads, Miniature Orchids, Succulents, and/or Carnivorous Plants.
  • Added carbon helps to aerate soil and improve drainage of ReptiSoil™.

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