Zoo Med ReptiBark - 24 qt/26.4L Bag - 100% Pure Fir Bark - Natural Reptile Bedding

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Made from the ground bark of fir trees, Premium ReptiBark is an excellent terrarium substrate for all humidity loving reptiles, as it is able to absorb and release moisture. A three stage cleaning process ensures that all powdered dust and dirt are removed from the substrate before packaging. This all natural product will give your terrarium that realistic tropical rainforest look. Premium ReptiBark is washable and reusable, and will certainly help make your inhabitant species feel right at home.

  • 100% pure fir bark
  • Beneficial smaller size prevents crickets from hiding
  • Excellent substrate for Green Iguanas and all other humidity loving reptiles
  • Triple cleaning process to eliminate large sticks, dust and dirt.
  • Not heat treated. Allows bark to absorb and retain moisture more rapidly.

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