Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3in-1 Cave - Medium 8" - Egg Laying Cave

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This 3-in-1 cave can be filled with Terrarium Moss or Eco Earth to provide a humid micro-climate for shedding, hiding, or egg laying. Durable ceramic construction means that it can easily be washed and sterilized, and the removable lid makes it easy to check on your animal or remove eggs. Available in three sizes to accommodate many popular reptile species.

Provide a naturalistic shelter for snakes, lizards, amphibians, and invertebrates while helping to prevent stress, bad sheds, and egg binding. Create a humid "microclimate" inside the cave necessary for shedding and proper respiratory functions of reptiles and amphibians, and provide a nesting site for breeding several small species of lizards and snakes. This versatile, 3-in-1 cave will surely be a welcomed addition to any thriving reptile terrarium.

Key Features :

  • Now made of eco-friendly ceramic!

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