Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium® Crested Gecko Kit - Complete Kit 12"x12"x18"

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The Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Crested Gecko Kit includes everything you need to provide your pet Gecko with a safe and natural environment to live in. Great for beginners and experience hobbyists alike.


  • Naturalistic Terrarium® (NT-2; 12″x12″x18″)
  • Eco Earth® Substrate (1 brick).
  • Natural Bush Plastic Plant (Madagascar Bamboo, small).
  • Combo Repti Rock Food / Water Dish (small)
  • Cork Branch
  • Crested Gecko Food (juvenile)
  • Repti Calcium® with D3 (sample)
  • ReptiVite™ (sample)
  • Crested Gecko Care Booklet

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