Zoo Med Can O' Cockroaches 35g - For Medium to Large Reptiles & Amphibians

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The 1.2 oz Zoo Med Can O' Cockroaches is the perfect daily food for reptiles and amphibians of medium or larger size. The cockroaches are approximately 1" in size, which is why some smaller reptiles or juveniles may have a difficult time with regular consumption. These cockroaches are cooked inside of the can, which helps to lock in the flavour and freshness as well as softening up the exoskeleton for easier eating and digestion. The farm-raised cockroaches themselves contain a high amount of protein for active reptiles and help to stimulate a regular, healthy appetite.

INGREDIENTS: Farm-raised Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana).
ANALYSIS: Crude Protein (min) 16.9%, Crude Fat (min) 3.3%, Crude Fiber (max) 3.2%, Moisture 74.9%

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