TropiFit Premium Plus Rabbit Adult Food 750g ~ Premium Rabbit Food ~ Veggie/Herbs

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Tropifit Premium Plus foods are complete formulas for small animals, with balanced diets featuring granules including grains, animal protein, fruits, and more. The texture and shape of these foods are designed specifically for each animal, wearing down teeth as needed and promoting healthy appetites. Flaxseed promote healthy skin and shiny fur, with fiber to regulate digestion and zeolite to reduce waste odours. These foods are vitamin-rich for long term health and immune system strength and do not contain GMOs, preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugar, or aromas.

  • complete food for rabbits based on granules with grasses, alfalfa, apple and sunflower, which are rich in fibre, and the addition of dried vegetables and aromatic herbs, which are rich in vitamins
  • high content of dietary fibre and the addition of beet and herbs regulate digestion and reduce the formation of hairballs
  • prebiotic properties of many ingredients stimulate the development of beneficial intestinal flora and enhance rabbits' immune system
  • the addition of zeolite reduces unpleasant smell of the faeces
  • food does not contain whole cereal grains, GMOs, preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugar or aromas

Feeding Directions: 50-80 g per day in two portions. Ensure access to hay and water at all times. The portions can be reduced if rabbit's diet is supplemented with fresh vegetables and herbs.

INGREDIENTS: Cereals (including corn), derivatives of vegetable origin (including granules with grasses 13.5%, granules with alfalfa 3%, chamomile, mint, parsley, hay, marigold blossom), fruit (dried apple contained in the granules 10.5%), vegetables (dried beet 2%, dried carrot 2%), seeds (including sunflower contained in the granules 1.5%, flaxseed contained in the granules 1.5%), minerals (zeolite 1%).

Analysis: Crude protein 11.0%, crude oils and fats 3.8%, crude fibres 15.5%, moisture 11.0%.

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