Tropical Pond Mix 160g - Multi-Ingredient Mixture for Pond Fish

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Tropical Pond Mix is a nutritious and varied mixture designed for the specific needs of ornamental pond fish. With flakes, floating sticks, sinking granules, tablets, dried Gammarus pulex and shrimps, this mixture caters to all types of fish from those that feed at the top of the tank, the middle water columns and the bottom feeders. The variety of food shapes and sizes allow for an even distribution among the inhabitants of your pond, preventing top feeding fish from eating all the food before it reaches the bottom. The Tropical Pond Mix provides essential nutrients that boost health and vitality and allow your fish to feed as though they are in their natural habitat.

  • Food mix floats and sinks for all species of pond fish
  • Contains dried Gammarus pulex and shrimps for added protein
  • Allows fish to feed with natural behaviors


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