Tetra ReptoMin - Select-A-Food - 3 Foods in 1 - 44g (1.55oz)

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Aquatic frog and turtle food with treats. An excellent way to offer variety in your reptile's diet, ReptoMin® Select-A-Food is three foods in one container. Perfect for turtles, amphibians, and other reptiles, Select-A-Food includes both staple foods and treats. Two sections of the container offer ReptoMin® Baby Sticks, a staple for any reptile's diet. The third and fourth sections contain nutritious treats: Gammarus (baby shrimp) and ocean plankton (mini krill).

INGREDIENTS: Wheat starch, fish meal, dried yeast, shrimp meal, potato protein, calcium carbonate, dehulled soybean meal, wheat gluten, monobasic calcium phosphate, soybean oil, lecithin, l-lysine monohydrochloride, algae meal, ascorbic acid, inositol, more.

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