TARANTULA “Rear Horned Baboon” 2' - 3" (Ceratogyrus darlingi)

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Ceratogyrus darlingi is a theraphosid spider from southern Africa, mainly Botswana and Lesotho. They reach a body length of about 5 inches and are ash-gray, mud-brown to black. The peltidium features a black foveal horn. Wikipedia

A fossorial species means that the spider is an obligate burrower and makes its home in deep burrow it digs and spends a lot of its time hidden in its extensive underground tunnels. This is commonly refereed to as a pet hole.

This is a fast growing species that grows from around ½” to nearly 4” within 2 years with most of that growth taking place within the 1st year. Females of this species can grow up to 5” and live about 10-12 years with some claiming as long as 15 years. Males, of course, don’t grow nearly as large as the females, mature around 2 years, and usually don’t live longer than 3 or 4 years. 

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