SR Aquaristik Luminarium Aquarium - 12v LED Hanging Aquarium - Handblown Glass

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The SR Aquaristik Luminarium Aquarium is a modern hanging accent or focal point that is a perfect addition to almost any setting. The unique hanging design allows the aquarium to be viewed by all sides without obstruction. The Luminarium is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms or commercial settings. The SR Aquaristik Luminarium can be hung easily using the included hook from existing shelves, cabinets or ceilings.



  • All glass globe with cleaning and feeding access
  • Built-in one Watt LED plant light
  • Two simple to remove mounting screws allow for simple maintenance
  • 12V power source/ 110 V transformer included

Easy to Maintain
The two mounting screws can be easily removed allowing for the glass globe to be cleaned as part of routine maintenance of decorations and or plants.


  • .29G / 1100ml

1 – 6500 K white LEDs
1 Watts
AC 100-240V in x DC 12V output

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