Seapora Betta Water - 1L - Pre-Conditioned Water - Chlorine Free - No Heavy Metals

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Give your Betta fish the best possible environment with Seapora Betta Water. This unique formula is more than just standard fish tank water. It's jam-packed with healthful, fortifying ingredients that help promote overall health and well-being of Betta fish. Each 1-liter bottle of Seapora Betta Water contains healing aloe vera as well as trace elements and minerals that work to enhance the vitality and health of Betta. This top-quality, pH-balanced Betta fish water is preconditioned and free of chlorine and heavy metals to ensure safe, effective fish enhancement. It's designed to stimulate the slimecoat while simultaneously reducing fish stress and protecting against infection. To use Seapora Betta Water, simply replace 20 to 50 percent of your old water with this formula every week as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Seapora Betta Water is not for human consumption.

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