Seachem Vibrant Sea Concentrated Sea Salt - 23kg - Makes up to 220 US Gallons

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Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt is a high quality blend of highly concentrated, fast dissolving salts that have been scientifically designed to accurately replicate the balances of magnesium, calcium and strontium found in natural marine and reef environments. The highly soluble formula boasts significantly improved calcium and alkalinity stability and contains essential major, minor and trace components, as well as enhanced potassium levels. As well, for the added safety of sensitive fish and plants, the mixture contains no nitrates or phosphates. As an anhydrous salt, Vibrant Sea Salt has exceptionally uniformity from batch to batch and has the money-saving ability to produce more saltwater from less salt. Can be mixed and used on the same day and can make up to 220 gallons of saltwater.

To prepare small quantities, add 27 g of Vibrant Sea per 1 liter of water for a specific gravity of 1.020. Add 31 g per 1 liter for 1.023. For larger quantities, use 1/2 cup per 6 L (1.58 US gallons) for a specific gravity of 1.020 or 1/2 cup per 5.25 L (1.38 US gallons) for 1.023.

At a specific gravity of 1.023, Vibrant Sea will yield theAt a specific gravity of 1.023, Vibrant Sea will yield the
pH: 8.4 - 8.5
Alk: 3 - 4 meq/L
Ca: 425 - 445 mg/L
Mg: 1250 - 1350 mg/L
K: 500 - 550 mg/L
Sr: 8 - 10 mg/L

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