Seachem Reef Builder - 1.2kg - Raises Carbonate Alkalinity (KH)

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Seachem Reef Builder is a high quality blend of carbonate sources designed to safely and efficiently raise the carbonate alkalinity of marine aquariums, without reducing essential calcium, magnesium and strontium as well as providing zero impact on delicate pH levels. The alkalinity of your aquarium should be maintained at 3 - 5 meq/L (8 - 14 dKH) and for safety, the alkalinity levels should not fall below 2 meq/L. Comes in a 1 kilogram container.


Use 3 g (1/2 level teaspoon) of Seachem Reef Builder per 150 L (40 US gallons) of aquarium water twice a week. Dissolve the solution in at least 250 mL (1 cup) of freshwater. Check the alkalinity levels every 2 weeks and adjust the amount or frequency according to what is best for your aquarium.

Check alkalinity levels and then follow the addition regimen until alkalinity is adjusted to 3-6 meq/L (8-17 dKH). Each 3 g/150 L will raise alkalinity by about 0.25 meq/L. The quantity or frequency can be adjusted to match the specific needs of your aquarium, but for safety reasons, do not exceed 12 g/150 L per day. Use as required to maintain alkalinity.

After determining the consumption rate of the alkalinity, it is time to install a continuous drip system. Use the following formula (to determine how much to add to your top-off water: m=0.08va (m=grams to add to top off water, v=volume of tank in liters, a=amount to raise alkalinity in meq/L). For example, if you want to raise your alkalinity by 1 meq/L in a 200 liter tank, then you would add 0.08x200x1=16 g into the top-off water. [For reference: 1 gallon=3.8 liters, 6 g=1 teaspoon].

Excess alkalinity has the ability to increase the loss of essential calcium, magnesium, and strontium in the aquarium. Do not directly mix Seachem Reef Builder with any calcium, magnesium, or strontium supplement and it is highly recommended that calcium & carbonate additives are added on alternate days or at least 30 minutes apart.

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