PolypLab One - 500 ml Made in Canada

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One - 500 ml

PolypLab's One formula supplies calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity to your reef aquarium with one simple and convenient solution. This totally balanced calcium system does not require complicated reactors, multi-part systems or any extra equipment. PolypLab's has engineered One using a unique mixture of two different forms of acetate and hydroxide salts. When added to aquarium water, One's calcium magnesium ions are made freely available for corals, clams, and many other reef organisms to absorb. Acetate ions included in One are metabolized by bacteria, creating biologically available biocarbonate. Hydroxide salts provide a buffering effect, keeping the solution safe for live inhabitants.

PolypLab One does not elevate salinity, contains no calcium carbonate, and is phosphate and silicate free.

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