Marshall Premium Ferret Litter - 4.5kg - Up to 400% More Absorbent Than Clay Litter

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Did you know that ferrets use the bathroom every 2.5 hours! Marshall Fresh & Clean Litter is a super absorbent, dust free, paper pellet litter made with the healhty and happiness of your ferret in mind. The 100% clean vergin cellulose fiber used to create our paper pellet is sustainably sourced from a single supply byproduct stream. This allows for virtually no variability in the pellet between product runs.

This super absorbent litter allows you to use less litter yet absorb more waste - 400% more absorbent that traditional litters!
The clean white appearance of the pellets makes it easier to observe your ferret's stool and evaluate their health
The 100% dust free litter allows for the litter to be easily cleaned
No additives makes for a healthy litter that effectively controls odor and maintains a clean environment for your ferret

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