LiaFlor Clay Pebbles 50 litre 8-16mm

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Hydroton Clay Pellets Liaflor 8/16mm 50Ltr.

Liaflor Hydroton Clay Pellets are a ceramic, purely mineral substrate made out of expanded clay. The basic material is natural, expandable clay which is expanded while it is burnt at 1200C in rotary kiln and then screened out. Liaflor is germ-free as well as chemically and biologically neutral. Liaflor drains, retains water and can be reused. Hydroton grow rocks are one of the most versatile growing mediums in the gardening world. You’ll be surprised to find out that hydroton are not rocks at all. They are actually an expanded clay product. This German product has rapidly gained popularity among hydroponic gardeners, but don’t be fooled—soil gardeners can also utilize this great growing medium.


  • Clean and odour-free
  • Prevention of soil pests
  • Ideal plant growth
  • Simple, trouble-free plant care
  • Easy, efficient fertilization

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