Leachie Gecko (New Caledonian Giant Gecko) 1/4 Yate - 3/4 Nuu Ana

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Currently we only have 1 male left in this morph 

The genetics are 1/4 Yate and 3/4 Nuu Ana.

The Leachie Gecko is the largest gecko in the world measuring 8 to 17 inches when grown and can live up to 20 years (in captivity). Considered an example of island gigantism, it has a heavy body, loose skin, and a small, stumpy tail. It is variable in color, coming in shades of mottled green, gray, and brown.

They are a native animal to New Caledonia (an island known for its natural beauty and biodiversity) and they are arboreal, meaning they like to live up in the trees. They are a nocturnal species, staying up at night to growl, squeak, and yip.

Breeding pairs can be housed together, but otherwise the animal can be aggressive to tankmates. As an arboreal species, it should be provided with simulated tree holes, in a tank with plenty of vertical space.

Diet consists of Crickets, roaches, mice and fruit. 

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