Kaytee Run-Around Exercise Wheel - Giant - 11" (27.9cm) - Rats, Chinchillas, Smaller Animals

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Run-Around Wheels provide free-wheeling fun for your furry friend. The Run-Around Wheel is perfectly sized for dwarf hamsters, younger hamsters, and mice. These stylish wire wheels are available in a variety of four fun colors. Each wheel is covered in an extra-durable, powder-coated surface making them easy to wash as well as rust resistant. Run-Around Wheels feature Kaytee unique tail-safe and e-z exit design.

  • Made with durable wire
  • Encourage healthy exercise
  • For chinchillas, pet rats or other small animals
  • 11" diameter

NOTE: "Duff" can is standard 355ml Pop Can size - for reference only. NOT Included!

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