Ista Powered Surface Skimmer and CO2 Reactor

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Quick Overview

  • Combination surface skimmer and CO2 reactor
  • Significantly reduces the unsightly film that builds on the waters surface
  • Diffuses small CO2 bubbles to improve the quality of water in the tank

    Powered Surface Skimmer and CO2 Reactor

    The Ista Powered Surface Skimmer and CO2 Reactor is the ideal addition for any aquarium set up. Providing exceptional cleaning services, this unit is able to dramatically reduce the amount of bacterial film that forms and spreads on the waters surface due to dust, waste, algae and unwanted microorganisms. Reducing or eliminating this film will improve the oxygen levels in the tank, allow light to penetrate deeper into the aquarium and improve the overall health of your tank inhabitants. The addition of the CO2 reactor provides diffused CO2 gas bubbles that dramatically improve the quality of the water. Includes convenient suction cups for quick installation on the inside of the aquarium.

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