Ista Metal Air Valves - 3 Outputs - Rust-Resistant

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The Ista Metal Air Valves (3 Outlet) allow you to control up to 5 different airlines from your air pump. Quickly and easily attach this handy device to the frame of your aquarium and streamline your air hose setup. With a control knob available for each outlet, you can adjust the pressure on each air tube individually. Customize the use of your air stones, bubbles, air-driven decorations, or any other air pump powered device. 2.5" x 1.25" x 3"

  • Made by copper electroplating process, rust-resistant.
  • Can be hung on the side of the fishtank.
  • Provides several flow outputs from a single input.
  • Each output may be adjusted accordingly.
  • If the flow input is strong enough, the Metal Air Valve can be connected with more outputs.

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