Exo Terra Stone Desert Landscaping Substrate - Outback Red 10kg/22lb Bag

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The Exo Terra Stone Desert mimics the natural soil found in arid regions, like deserts or savannahs. Most desert soils are not purely sand-based but rather a combination of sand, decomposed granite and clay resulting in interesting and sometimes colorful rock formations.

Exo Terra's Stone Desert allows you to create your own desert or savannah landscape, including cool-humid burrows as well as warmer elevated basking areas. The cool-humid burrows allow your reptiles to absorb the much needed moisture via their skin while sleeping or hiding, while the warmer elevated basking areas help your reptiles to thermoregulate by offering various important temperature gradients.

Natural desert soil, no added dyes or chemicals
Ideal to create your own desert or savannah landscape
Allows you to create outcrops, tunnels and burrows
Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior
Does not collapse once dry
Excellent heat conductor

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