Exo Terra Dimming & Pulse Proportional Thermostat - 300 W - Controls up to 300w

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With the Exo Terra 300W Dimming & Pulse Proportional Thermostat you can create a well-controlled heating system that allows you to maintain the required temperature conditions similar to those found in a desert or tropical environment. The Thermostat will also help to prevent overheating and undercooling during hot summer days or cold winter nights. The Dimming & Pulse Proportional function keeps the temperature at the desired set-point with a much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats and virtually eliminates temperature swings in the terrarium. The Exo Terra Thermostat should be set according to the needs of the animals. Thoroughly research the preferred optimum temperature range (POTR) for your specific reptile, so you can create the correct temperature gradients inside the terrarium to allow your reptiles to thermoregulate. Always use a Thermometer to monitor the temperature inside your terrarium. Adjust the Exo Terra Thermostat according to the required temperature range for your pet’s environment. Red LED lights up: heating device is powered. Blue LED lights up: set temperature has been reached and heating device is no longer powered. The recessed dial of the thermostat will prevent accidental temperature change if the device is being handled. The Thermostat comes with a power-cord with grounded plug & receptacle for increased safety and to allow the use of a power outlet strip. The waterproof remote sensor can be safely used in highly moist terrariums and aquatic environments.

  • Heat Mat, Heat Cable, Ceramic Heater or Incandescent Heat Bulb
  • Choose between Pulse Proportional, Dimming or ON/OFF mode
  • Recessed dial to prevent accidental temperature change
  • much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats

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