Marshall Baby Ferrets - Neutered - Descented - Vaccinated - With Certificate

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These little guys are super friendly, entertaining and come with full Health Certification and Quality Guarantee. You may also visit the Marshall website and receive a Birth Certificate for your new pet.

Each Ferret comes Neutered, Descented, and Vaccinated once for Distemper. We also carry food, cages, and other accessories to make your new pet as comfortable and happy as possible

Like many household pets, ferrets require a cage. For ferrets, a wire cage at least 18 in (460 mm) long and deep and 30 in (760 mm) wide or longer is needed. Ferrets cannot be housed in environments such as an aquarium because of the poor ventilation. It is preferable that the cage have more than one level but this is not crucial. Usually two to three different shelves are used.

Please note livestock items are "Pickup / Local Delivery" ONLY. We currently do not ship livestock.

(Babies arriving Jan/11/2024)

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