Aqueon Pure Betta Beads - Blue - 350 ml - Beneficial Bacteria & Enzymes

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The perfect addition to your beautiful betta fish's habitat, Aqueon Pure Betta Beads are unique, biodegradable beads that contain essential beneficial bacteria that help to create healthy, balanced environments in otherwise unfiltered aquariums. Added enzymes help to breakdown organic waste and other detritus to maintain healthy, crystal clear water for your favourite fancy fish. Additionally, this soft, bead substrate provides mental and physical stimulation by encouraging betta's to dive and play in the beads (much like in a fun ball pit) and allows them to engage in their natural foraging behaviours. Boasts a striking blue colour and comes in a 350 ml container.

Add one pouch of betta beads per one gallon of water. Change 25% of water every 2 weeks. Replace once a month.

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