Aqueon Betta LED Light - 2 LED Modes - Designed for Nano and Desktop Tanks

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Perfect for nano tanks and desktop aquariums up to 3 gallons in size, the Aqueon Betta LED Light is a sleek yet powerful LED that sports three different lighting modes to provide unmatched illumination. Three different LED modes; blue only, white only and all on, provide allow fishkeepers to choose the illumination via soft touch operation that is best suited to their aquatic environment.

As well, the light can be powered through the use of a micro USB-B cable or three AAA batteries, and when using the battery option, the unit will have a 1 hour shut off period to conserve energy. In USB cable mode, the light will continue to stay powered until manually turned off. To keep up with the variety of desktop setups, the light is versatile enough to sit directly on the top of clear lids, use three small legs to lift the light up, or simply clamp onto the side of a glass or plastic aquarium.

  • Sleek, powerful LED light
  • Designed for nano and desktop tanks
  • Three different LED light modes
  • Powered by USB cable or AAA batteries
  • Can be clamped or rest directly on top of the glass top

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