Reptile Treasures Leafy Red Plant - 24in

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Quick Overview

  • Highly detailed decoration features a realistic appearance
  • Hand crafted and painted with the highest quality materials
  • Blends seamlessly into any naturalistic reptile habitat
  • Features textured leaves and a weighted mossy base
  • Completely safe for use in terrariums and aquariums

    Leafy Red Plant - 24in

    Reptile Treasures brings you this attractive Leafy Red Plant - 24 in to complement your custom reptile environment. This highly detailed and realistic decoration is hand crafted, painted, and finished using only the highest quality materials. It blends seamlessly into any naturalistic habitat, and features textured leaves and a mossy weighted base for added stability. Reptile Treasures decorations are completely non-toxic and safe for use in terrariums and aquariums. Enhance the visual appeal of your reptile habitat with this exciting decoration! 24"

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